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Naya JeevanNaya Jeevan

NAYA JEEVAN is the emerging world’s first dedicated ‘health plan for the marginalized’.

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Naya JeevanNaya Jeevan

NAYA JEEVAN (New Life in urdu/hindi) is a social enterprise that seeks to bring low-income populations throughout the emerging world out of poverty by providing them with affordable access to quality healthcare embedded within an ecosystem of socioeconomic opportunity. Our initial focus is South Asia & Latin America with ongoing operations in Pakistan and to commence in Mexico/US.


Our 2020 vision is that NAYA JEEVAN will have catalyzed a more socioeconomically just system where a majority of low-income South Asians and Latin Americans  have affordable access to quality healthcare in an ecosystem of socio-economic opportunity.

The Problem

South Asian governments such as India & Pakistan spend an abysmally low 0.9% to 2.1% of their GDP on health leaving 99.3% of the population deprived of access to quality healthcare.  A large portion of this pool (80 million lives in Pakistan) is comprised of semi-skilled labor working in the supply chains of corporations or working informally as drivers, maids, etc. in the houses of corporate managers/executives.

Our Solution

We partner with Multinational Corporations (MNCs) to cascade the NAYA JEEVAN health plan up and down the supply/value chains of MNCs, targeting large pools of affiliated workers in both the corporate, academic, public, NGO and SME sectors. Majority insurance contributions(~80%) are made by the primary employer while minority contributions are made by the beneficiary (~10%) and the employer’s employer/contractor (~10%), leveraging economies of scale, risk-pooling and existing marketing and distribution channels.

Our Impact

Over 25,000 members have been enrolled in the NAYA JEEVAN health plan across 70+ organizations. In addition, over 250,000 urban slum dwellers have been provided access to quality primary care through the NAYA JEEVAN preventive health plan.


For every dollar of incoming insurance contribution (revenue), 60-80 cents are used to buy health plans from insurance underwriters (suppliers). The remaining gross surplus is used to cover our value-enriched services (VAS) including: (i) 24/7 access to  family doctors via mobile phone for consultation/patient navigation/claims optimization, (ii) preventive health services tailored to address identified health risks in target populations, (iii) health risk assessments and surveillance screening, (iv) intensive beneficiary orientation to health insurance plan

Financial Performance

  • $380,000 in revenues 2012
  • $600,000 annual budget for 2014
  • Cash-flow positivity forecast for Q2’2016
  • $9.8M NPV; 90% IRR
  • $1.9M growth capital are to be sourced in 2014-15 for optimal scale & sustainability In Pakistan

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Asher Hasan

Asher Hasan

Naya Jeevan Founder & CEO

Asher was born and raised in England until the age of eleven. At that time, his father’s untimely death prompted his family to return to Pakistan. However, his mother suffered a nervous breakdown and had to be institutionalized in England for over three and a half years, an event that pushed the family over the brink into a significant financial crisis. His father’s former bank employer kept the children in school on scholarship, but as Asher notes, they were outsiders looking into a world of affluence and socioeconomic apartheid: They attended private school yet understood that the family’s means were limited and growing more so by the day. This experience, more than any other, equipped him with insights and empathy that continue to influence him to this day.

As an adult, Asher trained toward being a surgeon in the United States. After spending the first part of his surgical training helping a few patients deeply, he realized he wanted to address problems at the systemic level within a dysfunctional healthcare system that often worked against the interests and welfare of patients. He transitioned initially into industry, and worked with a French-owned pharmaceutical company interested in extending its reach to new developing markets and addressing global disparity through tiered pricing of life-saving drugs. Asher later joined a biotech company and led a medical team focused on developing tools for obesity prevention, an issue that resonated with him personally, as his mother was obese and suffered chronic illness as a result.

During his tenure in the pharma-biotech industry, he obtained an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business and began to pursue the idea that would become Naya Jeevan in 2008.